Title: Local Customer9/21/2013 3:14:52 PM
The food is great. I was trying to order online but I couldn't order the general tso wings so I had to call instead. Please update this feature on the website for future orders. Thanks so much. P.S. While the food is good, you can tell the difference in the food because on certain days the food tastes different than the last time I've ordered something.
Title: 9/18/2016 10:39:41 AM
Title: Delivery order7/20/2016 5:25:09 PM
Been ordering from here about 7 years. This year it seems the regular staff is away until the end of this month. Order combo rice not pork at 10:15 pm. Food arrived it had pork in it. Tried to call back, no answer. Called today and was told you should have called back last night, there is nothing I can do. Also last week, order a tea with my food. No tea was delivered. Called and told them to credit my card back. To date it has not been credited. The new staff is clearing not doing a good job at keeping it's loyal customers
Title: 7/12/2016 11:58:30 PM
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Title: BOW BALL GAME6/25/2014 7:27:51 AM
Title: bad service ordering5/3/2015 6:28:18 PM
Lady on the phone who took my order was very rude.
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